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Slipcover Plus Upholstery has more than 100,000 upholstery fabrics that people can select and chose from and we only have the most superior products for our upholstery fabrics!  Slipcover Plus Upholstery can make your old-fashioned or shabby furniture look brand new again! Slipcover Plus Upholstery upholstery services could only contribute to retail upholstery stores in the past, but now we can contribute to all furniture stores in Chicagoland including, interior design firms and interior decorators.  That’s one of the reasons why our customers are very grateful for Slipcover Plus Upholstery because we have everything they need when it comes to getting their upholstery supplies and fabrics.  Slipcover Plus Upholstery has been a family-owned and operated upholstery business in Chicagoland for many of years.  Therefore, if you have any furniture that may need to be renewed, please do not throw it away because Slipcover Plus Upholsterycan restore its upholstery for you!  The residents of Wheaton love to stop in for a visit due to our contemporary styles and of course our renowned services.  Slipcover Plus Upholstery has unbeatable upholstery consultants that are always available to help our visitors.  Consequently, when you settle on coming in for a visit don’t forget to take a look around our awesome showroom to see all of our different fabric choices!

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Slipcover Plus Upholstery is located in Addison, Illinois which is only 10 miles from Wheaton.  Wheaton, Illinois is a community located in DuPage County, Illinois and is approximately 25 miles west of Chicago and Lake Michigan.  At Slipcover Plus Upholstery, we have the most choices in upholstery fabrics in all of Chicagoland!  We are thesource of over 35 of the main upholstery fabric businesses throughout the world and our Wheaton clientele get to obtain all the benefits!  With our vast range of eye-catching fabrics our Wheatoncustomers finds what their looking for every time they visit.  Also, due toWheaton’s charming community and close proximity to our location, they favor us over any competition.  Slipcover Plus Upholsterypromises that we will take care of our customers with all theirupholstery fabric needs each and every time they come for services.  Slipcover Plus Upholsteryremoves all existing fabric that may be spoiled and then we replace it with the fabric you have chosen, after that  we methodically clean it making sure it’s up to par. After the whole upholstery process is concluded, our practiced upholsterers will make sure your furniture is everything you came to expect.

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Our customers from the Chicagoland area have the chance to shop at any upholstery store in the area, even the same stores that the professionals shop at for their upholstery equipment.Our professional upholsters are well- qualified and knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to furniture upholstery.  Slipcover Plus Upholstery consultants will get any upholstery duty completed immediately and with care!  We also provide our customers with a more modern look and classy designs with our remarkable upholstery services.  That’s why our customers keep returning for all their upholstery services because we are the best in the upholstery industry!  Slipcover Plus Upholstery can also pick-up and deliver within the Chicagoland area and has a shop-at-home-service!  So give us a call right now at: 630-629-4800 to get more information on our upholstery services.  We are waiting right now!

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