Upholstery Services Offered

The following are our services offered on upholstery:

  • Re-upholstery of Residential and Commercial furniture
  • Upholstery Consultants and Decorating Advisers on staff
  • Re-upholstery Quotes by Phone…Just Call
  • Shop at Home service available
  • Pick up and Delivery…Chicago land area
  • Offering basic re-upholstering to a complete restoration.

Basic Upholstery Labor includes…

  1. Remove all existing Fabric.
  2. Check structure of the frame, Springs, Webbing, inside Fill and Cushion Cores.
    A. If all is sound and it tacked , we then apply a layer of dracon over the existing structure before the fabric is attached to the frame.
  3. The fabric pattern selected is matched, cut, sewn and attached to the frame.

Added Upholstery Work…Only if needed

Inside Work…Platform, Back, Arms (Added cost)

  • Replace webbing…Bottom or back of furniture…
    (Webbing could deteriorate and sage, causing springs to shift and ties to brake. Base of furniture weakens… Webbing, springs and fill collapse)
  • Secure and Re-tie coil springs…
    (Secure coil springs to platform webbing… hand tie coil springs 8 ways to each other and to the furniture frame)
  • Additional fill…
    Major collapsing of inside arms, back or platform will require additional fill.

Replace Cushion Fill (Added Cost) Choose from…

  1. Foam & Dacron wrap… (Soft, Medium or Firm)
  2. Spring Coil & Cotton Batting
  3. Spring Coil with Down & Feathers
  4. All Down & Feathers

Complete Restoration

  1. Remove all existing Fabric
  2. Striping down to the bare frame… (Take out all fill, springs, webbing, et el.)
  3. Secure and re-glue all connecting joints of the frame.
  4. Refinish all exposed wood.
  5. Replace platform webbing… (Floor of the furniture to set the coil springs)
  6. Replace coil springs…Set and secure (8 way hand tied)
  7. Replace what ever is needed in the Inside Back, Arms and Platform.
    A. Webbing, Springs, Foam, Cotton Batting, Dacron, Fiber Fill etc.
  8. Replace Cushion Fill… (see above)
  9. The fabric pattern selected is matched, cut, sewn and attached to the frame.

Treatments Offered

  1. Drapery Panels
  2. Drapery Hardware
  3. Custom Top Treatments
  4. Cornices, Swags
  5. Blinds, Shades

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