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pic1Do you have a used piece of home furniture that is nevertheless still in good condition with the exclusion of its upholstery? Don’t toss it out! Give it a new life with some new upholstery fabric right from Slipcover Plus Upholstery. We are a family owned and operated company that has been providing service to the Chicago and the encompassing suburbs for over four-decades. People who are looking for quality in upholstery cleaning, upholstery fabrics, and upholstery labor requirements; recognize that Slipcover Plus Upholstery is the location to visit for all those kinds of services! Initially, Slipcover Plus Upholstery focused specifically to retail upholstery shops, furniture shops, interior design agencies, and interior decorators and over time it all transformed. These days, Slipcover Plus Upholstery offers their labor, upholstery fabric choice, and skills to the general community at an inexpensive cost! The benefits are that Chicagoland customers are now able to get the same exact thing as what upholstery stores and professionals have been getting for all of their upholstery demands. Not just does Slipcover Plus Upholstery have the greatest quality of upholstery fabrics in the area, but also we have a lot more than 100,000 upholstery fabrics available on display. It is no question why so many Arlington Heights consumers prefer to visit Slipcover Plus Upholstery when they are searching for upholstery fabric. They also know that when they visit our showroom, they can depend on our upholstery professionals to be absolutely at their fingertips.

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The home of Slipcover Plus Upholsteryis located about 14 miles south of Arlington Heights, Illinois in Addison, Illinois. With its well-designed neighborhoods and stylish homes, it is easy to understand why lots of Arlington Heights residents choose the excellent choice of upholstery fabrics that can only be found at Slipcover Plus Upholstery. In fact, Arlington Heights clients recognize the advantages of Slipcover Plus Upholstery since being a supply of over 35 of the top upholstery fabric companies found all over the world. With a wide choice of so many elegant choices, Arlington Heights clients are confident of finding the upholstery fabric they desire to have. Moreover, once they have discovered the upholstery fabric that fits them, Arlington Heights clients don’t have to be worried about locating a trusted upholsterer. Slipcover Plus Upholstery provides standard upholstery labor that consists of eliminating all the current fabric and analyzing the piece for structure soundness. After that is performed, our upholsterers continue completing the upholstery process.

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Ultimately, Slipcover Plus Upholstery professionals are able to make certain that your brand-new furniture upholstery is properly cleaned. Really, our Arlington Heights clients totally believe in Slipcover Plus Upholstery professionals of furniture upholstery to handle all of their upholstery cleaning demands. You just don’t want to rely on any person to clean your newly upholstered piece of furniture, when you can have the industry experts at Slipcover Plus Upholstery have it done for you the appropriate way the first-time! Also all over the Chicago area, Slipcover Plus Upholstery offers pick up, delivery, and shop at home service. If you would like to hear more about our professional services, have a look at our store, or call us at: 630-629-4800, right this moment. You will be pleased you did!

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